Junior Hoops

In America childbirth is greatly prolonged and much more painful than it is here in the UK. This is because many babies, it seems, are born clutching a basketball. By the time they reach High School they are already proficient in the main skills of the game and have their sights fixed on playing in the NBA by the time they reach 20.

In this country, not so much. Due to the dominance of other sports, particularly football, most of the children we meet who want to play basketball have had very little input in terms of coaching.

This is something that we hope to be able to help with.

Many children who don't excel at Football, Cricket, Rounders or Hockey end up excluded from team sports or they give up sport all together. Basketball, with its combination of team and individual aspects, offers a chance for these children to enjoy success in areas where they have previously been denied. This was my own experience as a child and I've seen it replicated in any number of children that I have coached as an adult.

Our Junior Hoops sessions are designed to introduce younger children to the game, to give them a positive and fun experience and to coach them in the basic skills of basketball. Out aim is that, by the time they are ready to graduate to the older group at the age of 12, they will be competent in the basics and well on their way to becoming core members of the squad.

Costs are £15 a month but we offer three free sessions to those who would like to come and try it. After that we will ask you to either sign up using the link below or stop attending.

Who's it for?
Boys and girls age school year 7 and below

When and where?
St Katherine's School, Pill
Sundays, 2.00-3.30pm

Who coaches it?
Mat, Dean, Kie and Matt (See Staff page)

How much is it?
First three sessions are free, then £15 per month by standing order.

Who do I contact?
Mat: 07590 297793

How do I sign up?
If you've given it a try and you want to join then please use the Sign-up page